A word invented by the now-defunct Looking Glass Studios, used as a slang term in their 'First-Person Sneaker' release, Thief: The Dark Project (So named because of the games engine, which is simply called 'Dark' because of it's innovative use of light and darkness in gameplay.)

Taffer, insofar as the game environment is defined--is a bastardization of the word 'Trickster', a pagan deity with druidic tendencies. Much in the same way that the interjection 'Geez' in our English language is a bastardization of 'Jesus', the Christo-Catholic Messiah.

No direct denotation is given to the word 'Taffer', but from it's use, we can take it to be synonymous with many different nouns depending on how it's used. It can also be used as a verb:

Thief, Fool, Jerk, Joker, etc.
Noun(1): "Give that back this instant, you taffer!"

Verb(1): "Quit taffing around!"
Verb(2): "You mean he managed to fit -both- his hands up his gaping asshole?! You're taffing me!"
by Ashtar the Fox March 23, 2003
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As mentioned previously, it is a word invented by Looking Glass Studios and originally saw its introduction in Thief: The Dark Project.

However, what the previous poster failed to note, is its additional use in later releases as "an expletive sounding of British origin." Quite frankly, only one word in the modern vernacular is versatile enough to take its place: The F Word.

See examples, below.
"Where did that taffer go?"
"Aww, taff it all!"
"Quit taffing about, you!"
"What the taff was that?!"
"Are you taffing with me?"
"This shift has been completely taffed.."
by TaciturnBadger August 23, 2011
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Funnily enough, whilst "taffer" itself isn't quite a real word, "taff" is used as an informal word in Bulgarian, and means "pilfer" or "filch". One source comes from a translated version of "A Crime Wave at Blandings", published in 1997; the first Thief game, that "taffer" is attributed to, came out at 1998. Make of that what you will.
The following examples are all directly sourced from novels published in Bulgarian, translated back into English.

"... You've taffed my girl!" from "Feet of Clay", P.G. Wodehouse, 1997 translation
"That's why I taffed a car..." from "A Portrait in Death", Nora Roberts, 2003 translation
"... He'd try and taff it." from "Papillon", Henri Charrière, 2010 translation

We can extrapolate that a taffer, back in English, is one who "taffs".
by Bulgarian Commando September 16, 2020
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A sexual act involving a woman or a man melting Laffy Taffy's directly into his or her anus. The burning, cult sensation was made popular in San Francisco night clubs in the early 80's by Bar Rescue star Jon Taffer.
"Hey, lets melt some Laffy Taffy in our butts before sex. I bet it burns nice, they did it in the 80's. Its called a Laffer Taffer."
by JustinFig November 26, 2011
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The host of the successful TV reality program, Bar Rescue shown on Spike TV, in which Jon finds bars that are going down the toliet for some reason or other (shitty sanitation, crappy management, poopy bar food, seedy crowds, problems with the liquor, hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, etc. and then retrains the bar & kitchen staff for new food & drink recipes and rebuilds the bar itself in hopes that the new branding and new food & bar menus will bring back customers.
Jon Taffer and his Bar Rescue crew are going to try and rescue the Pink Toenail Cocktail Lounge tomorrow! Now THAT I've GOT to see!!! :-O
by Telephony April 26, 2015
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