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A full body act that is the result of a jubilant situation. It is an upper body movement combined with a full kicking motion.
Dom poob kicked in a fit of joy
by archbishop tommy October 21, 2007

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A bretheren of lifelong friends who gather to party and have an overall fun time. During these gatherings whenever a drinking rule is proposed the entire group in attendence will make it law via a ritualistic clinky.
Know the scriptures. POPE LAW. *Clink*
by archbishop tommy October 21, 2007

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The act of solidfying a Pope Law. It is carried out by the members in attendance by clinking their beer bottles.
Thats sounds like a new pope law, we need a ritualistic clinky
by archbishop tommy December 13, 2007

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During a round of wii sporting events. Whenever a person does a play that is sportscenter worthy it can be named as such. A normal reaction to a wiidiculous play is either amazement, shock, awe, or congradulatory.
Luke picked up the 7 - 10 split. It was wiidiculous
by archbishop tommy October 21, 2007

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The politically correct was to address people durning the holiday season.

It combines Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanza.

This way the idiots who get offended by a specific greeting can shut up. And the fools who don't like the generalized Happy Holidays can stick it.
Chrismahannikwanzika is my fave time of year
by archbishop tommy November 01, 2007

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