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The greatest rock band of the past 10 years. Period. They are basically defined by their anti-rockstar status. They are losers, and admit it in many of their songs. Their best release had to be the blue album which is followed chronologically by all their other releases (Pinkerton, Green and Maladriot).
Weezer is awesome, listen to any song they have ever written.
Check out:
Jamie (a song about their old lawyer)
The World Has Turned and Left Me Here (amazing harmonies)
Only in Dreams (kick ass bass line)
by anti-hero November 03, 2004

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cigarettes,smokes,the leading cause of death in america
1.MMM gotta love them death sticks.
2.MMM the taste of slowly killing me!
by anti-hero December 12, 2004

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Situation that is worse than bad. Came from people saying "too bad" which was mistaken as two bad and you know where it's going.
"I left my skins at home"
by anti-hero November 29, 2004

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Originating from the term Straightedge, edge people do not consume mind altering substances. (This can include Caffeine, Alcohol, Drugs and promiscuous sex) Lots of people who are Edge show this by putting 'x's on their hands.
Person 1: Yo man are you edge.
Person 2: Yeah man, true till death.
by anti-hero November 06, 2004

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Short form of the ever so good band Funeral for a Friend. Who just so happens to own.
person 1: yo man did you check out that ffaf concert yesterday?
person 2: yeah man, they rock!
by anti-hero November 04, 2004

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Friends with privileges.
Basically a relationship without a relationship, but with all the sex!
Person 1: Yo man are you going out with Katherine?
Person 2: Naw man, she is just fwp.
Person 1: Fuckin eh man! FWP rocks.
by anti-hero November 17, 2004

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