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A froob is a noob who isn't paying for an MMORPG. It is a concatenation of the words "free" and "noob."
If you want to use your perks or kill aliens, you can't be a froob.
by Frank W September 09, 2005
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Contrary to the other definitions of the word on this site, froob acually stands for frugal-noob (fr-oob). It is most commonly seen in the MMORPG Runescape where trading is a huge part of the game. It refers to a player who has little game money in accordance with his/her combat level. Players who concentrate their efforts on combat skills only, end up having a high combat level, but do not have the non-combat-skills or understanding required to make money.

Froobs can usually be identified by comparing a player's combat level with the armor or other garments he/she is wearing. To make certain, one can look up that player's levels. High combat levels and nothing else means the player is either a froob or a type of combat pure.

In another case, froob can apply to any player who is unwilling to spend money for something he/she needs unless the trade is greatly in his/her favor.

Froobs often end up becomming pkers. Froobs pkers generally look for lower levels to kill because they do not have the weapons or ability to fight higher level pkers.

They also resort to begging for items or money.
"How sad... there is a level 113 who can't afford full rune."

"When I bought full dragon when it was 21mil, I had a combat level of 74, making me an anti-froob"
by Drüd August 31, 2008
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Froob is an even worse kind of noob (newbie): they beg, spam, scam, are annoying, follow you, and don't even try learning the game.
If he's a noob, then what are you, a froob?
by Lode April 23, 2004
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A froob ia a friggin noob. The "fr-" from "friggin", "frickin", "freakin", etc. plus the "-oob" in "noob" join to make the word "froob". Froobs are noobs that are so noobish that they don't even deserve the title of noob. They usually follow you around in whatever mmorpg you play asking for help, directions, money, etc. until you give them what they want.
Lvl. 45: *Follows* "Can I borrow money plz???"
Lvl. 67: "no go away"
Lvl. 45: "plz!!!!! im poor"
Lvl. 67: "NO!"
Lvl. 45:"pleeeeeezzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!"
by moo cow316 May 01, 2007
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A froob is a combination of the words fucking, retarded and noob. It is easily usable to describe some of the worst players you've ever seen in any video game.
How did he just die there? You're not even supposed to be able to die yet. Man, he's such a froob.
by KittenDestroyer August 02, 2010
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a froob is a noob who is more anoying than just a new player. they beg, scam, cheat, spam, and act like they know what they're doing and try to "trick" experience people by saying things like "ill give you this aaawsommmmmeee thing it's worth like a billion" when its worth absolutly nothing.
i dont care i gave u the def.
by John February 28, 2005
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Usually used on MMORPGs such as runescape, world of warcraft, AION, etc.
There are many variations on the word Froob, originating from the word "noob" or "n00b" that usually knows nothing about the task you or they are trying to accomplish and usually speak in their own form of interwebs-speak.
One variation is mainly used in runescape. This means a high level character with bad gear and usually have no clue what they are doing.
Another meaning, from world of warcraft. Means someone that plays the game for free as in a trial.
Those are the 2 mainly used terms, other than that it really does not mean anything.
Random 1: Hey wanna go run OS with us?
Random 2: Sure, now how do i get there?
Random 1: You just follow us and we will take you there.
Random 2: Where is the follow button?
Random 1: OMG you Froob, your level 80 and don't even know how to follow people
Random 2: F*** you faggot I'm better than you!
*Runs away*
by Fluffy Shmellow January 02, 2010
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