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A total prick australo-american lying lump of placental afterbirth who uses his empire to spread his right-wing lies and prejusices to the british and american population and is hence responsible for the ignorance of several generations and so has stunted the evolution of the human race by limiting the number of free-thinking individuals in our world today. Therefor i put forward my argument that this cunt ass fuckwit shit deserves to have his eyes gauged out, be fucked in the eyesocket by a 16 inched dick african american individual, and should then be forced to eat the solids in vomit, then given a plate of shit with a glass of piss and spunk to wash it down. His tongue should then be gouged for his stupid narrow minded right-wing lies. After this he should be set free to continue his network of bullshit so people can laugh at him. he should then have to give a lecture on why all people are equal, and that the extablishment of a welfare state is one of the finest ideas to strike the human race since the invention of the wheel.
Hey, did u hear about rupert murdoch, he thinks that the NHS is a waste of money and that different coloured foreigners are are scum, other than that hes a sound bloke coz hes a multi-millionare
by anonymous1923 September 04, 2006

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1.A person who is addicted to semen fresh from the prostate. Someone who regularly offers blowjobs for free.

2. A total annoying cunt. An incompetent piece of shit. A total arsehole
1.Johnny: Hey Jo gave Tom a blowjob the other day. She wasnt even drunk

Scott:I'm not surprised, that chicks a jizz addict.

2.Johnny: Tom just beat up Laura.

Scott: Did he? I'm gonna kill the fucking jizz addict
by anonymous1923 October 01, 2006

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pot smoking, baggy clothed scum who pollute the streets with grafitty because theyve got nothing better to do. They are a curse on humanitiy and should be purged ASAP
Fukin skaters

All skaters deserve to die!
by anonymous1923 August 25, 2006

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Idiots who think hust because a song is trying to make a political point it sounds good. Generaly instigated by a lack of an educated taste in music, or inspired by peers and therefore sanctified as "cool".System of a down is repetative meaningless bullshit. Often the fans dont care about the political points and like the screaming and emo-like crap.
1.James liked system of a down, so that made Chris like system of a down, which made Ross like System of a down. He's a system of a down fan

2Ross likes SOAD, but that doesnt count coz hes a stupid oaf.
by anonymous1923 August 31, 2006

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