3 definitions by anonu

- kiss ommak >> "your mom's pussy"
- kiss ikhtak >> "your sister's pussy"
- kiss im ili khala'ak >> "fuck the pussy of the person who gave birth to you"
- yil aan kissak >> "condemn your pussy"
by anonu April 12, 2005
The phenomenon that occurs when you suddenly perceive your previously mediocre looking boy/girlfriend as extremely attractive simply because other people are hitting on them. This phenomenon often occurs in nightclubs or discotheques.
Stacey looked alright last night at Marquee. But the nightclub effect changed my perception of her. I found myself having to deflect guy after guy who came up to flirt with her!
by anonu June 11, 2010
A big pimple or zit, usually bright red and/or throbbing, right smack in the middle of your forehead. It is usually very conspicuous and someone will almost certainly call you out on it.
John: yo man... Did you see how good Cindy looked today?
Joe: ya dude.. So hot... Except that big headlight of hers almost blinded me.
by anonu April 22, 2010