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a not very popular boku no hero academia ship between the two characters Todoroki Shoto and Iida Tenya
by anime_horrorfan July 8, 2021
a Japanese anime that a lot of people dislike but a lot of people love it as well, oh by the way BNHA stands for "Boku No Hero Academia" it also goes by MHA which stands for "My Hero Academia". In my opinion the anime is mostly known for the community's shipping(I personally enjoy it but if it gets cursed or anything i really don't) but its a great anime if you like action, drama, and characters with good backstories. but if you dislike it you are free to say that you don't really like it but don't hate on those who do like it.
1: hey did you see insert name here's new BNHA video

2: no BNHA is stupid (rambles on about how it sucks)
1: dude stop can't you respect peoples opinions, you can dislike it but does that mean you need to ramble on about how it sucks?
2: fine sorry bro
by anime_horrorfan July 8, 2021
you may be a girl named "toga Himiko" doing the remove the first and last letter of you're name trend, or you want to know the real meaning which is "original" i think there are more meanings but this is what i know #MHA/BNHA.FANS.WE.STAND
1: oml that character looks so OG
2: really thanks!

example 2:

1: hey guess what?
2: what?
1: i did that trend with Himiko Toga from My hero academia

2: oh nice bro
by anime_horrorfan July 8, 2021
a bit popular ship between the boku no hero academia characters "Toga Himiko" and "Uraraka Ochako"
1: "hey man do you like the ship togaraka?"
2: "whats that???"
1: "how come my ship is so underrated???"
by anime_horrorfan July 8, 2021