3 definitions by amliekxe

A beauty pageant for gay people. Most of the participants are more feminine than the women in actual beauty pageants.
guy #1- Hey are you going to the beauty pageant tonight?

guy #2- No way man I'm gay so i'm going to the fageant.

guy #1- Wow what a fag!!!
by amliekxe August 5, 2010
a male who pretends to be gay so he can hang out with girls to get laid.
guy 1: did u here about jimmy getting some ass last night?

guy 2: no, i thought he was gay

guy 1: no he is fake gay, so he is with girls all the time.
by amliekxe August 5, 2010
The coolest and funniest saying in the world. It can be used after doing anything cool.
Kid 1: I just bowled a strike. Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet!

Kid 2: I got a better grade than you on my math test. Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet!
by amliekxe April 17, 2011