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Commonly utilized as an expression denoting moderate excitement, amusement, and/or mild indifference when cussy words are simply unacceptable, i.e. You're in a church/at a daycare/in a Carl's Junior drive-thru ordering a Hot Carl. When Holy AIDS has too much zazz and personality, and when Holy Shit just isn't feasible or polite, unzip your grab bag of phrases and reach for the stars. And, banality.
#1: "Did you see last night's episode of____? Holy Ryan Seacrest! It was so flamboyantly average, I could actually feel myself dying a little bit inside with every passing minute that I continued watching. Naturally, I recorded it so I could review it and subsequently spark uninspired discussions on my Facebook page, both for, and against, topics of my choosing surrounding said show."

#2: "I ordered a Big Mac and found myself having to take a--Holy Ryan Seacrest, did you just see that mime across the street get beat up by those ventriloquists?"

#3: "I just flew here from Cleveland and Holy Ryan Seacrest are my arms tired."

#4: "Your command of the English language has been classified as mildly-illiterate at best and you can barely secure the velcro on your dress shoes, yet you were voted in as Leader of the Free World for eight years? Holy Ryan Seacrest- I didn't think you had it in you, Georgie. Kudos."
by amateurmetheus September 26, 2009

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The type of Margarita/Daquiri/watered-down-cheap-rum-ice-and-sugar-water beverage commonly found in Las Vegas insice of $12 worth of hollow plastic guitar (adorned with straw) dangling from the necks of tourists/visiting alcoholics from other states. You will many times see a gaggle of Guitargaritans traveling together down the Strip (possibly as a way to protect their young/fend off predators) as they engage in (attempts at) conducting mating rituals.
Carter: "Hey, now that we finally made it to Vegas, you guys wanna get waaaaaasted?"
Austin: "Yeah! We should get Guitargaritas! Wouldn't that be Hot Buttered Elves?"
Carter #2: "Awww, awesome! If we get our beverages put into guitar-shaped containers, women will have SEX with us!"
Group: "Horray!"
Random passer-by: "Say- I'm trying to get to the Four Queens. Can you point me in the right direction?"
by amateurmetheus September 25, 2009

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Words that are used for cussy-type events, like "cussing", "swearing", "dropping the cuss off at the pool" and so-forth.
Teacher: "Can anybody use a noun that rhymes with the word 'Talk' in a sentence...? Yes--Little Johnny?"
Little Johnny: "Teacher, should I be concerned that I repeatedly fall back on cussy words as my "schtick", whereas I could instead be colorfully exploring the English language, and perhaps paying better attention in class as well? I want people to take me seriously, and some deep soul-searching has led me to the conclusion that I need to act more as a role model for my fellow students and less like an attention whore."
Teacher: "Well, Johnny. This is very unexpected, but I'm pleased to see you've seen the li--"
Little Johnny: "Just kidding, beeyotch. Shove that chalk up your ass and get bent."
by amateurmetheus September 26, 2009

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