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The type of Margarita/Daquiri/watered-down-cheap-rum-ice-and-sugar-water beverage commonly found in Las Vegas insice of $12 worth of hollow plastic guitar (adorned with straw) dangling from the necks of tourists/visiting alcoholics from other states. You will many times see a gaggle of Guitargaritans traveling together down the Strip (possibly as a way to protect their young/fend off predators) as they engage in (attempts at) conducting mating rituals.
Carter: "Hey, now that we finally made it to Vegas, you guys wanna get waaaaaasted?"
Austin: "Yeah! We should get Guitargaritas! Wouldn't that be Hot Buttered Elves?"
Carter #2: "Awww, awesome! If we get our beverages put into guitar-shaped containers, women will have SEX with us!"
Group: "Horray!"
Random passer-by: "Say- I'm trying to get to the Four Queens. Can you point me in the right direction?"
by amateurmetheus September 25, 2009
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