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Discovered by men but stolen by the female species at a horrid attempt to bargain with the opposite sex by attempting to offer something as a treat, when in reality, it is something very ordinary, manipulated by evil girls to make you do chores or give them flowers.
"a handjob, that's a man job; but a blowjob? that's yo' job."
by Alex R April 10, 2004

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depending on where you go, you can find a run-down shack with 11 hispanic kids living alone, right next to a gated mansion worth $3 million. every night someone is running from the cops,being followed by a helicopter. ambulances are constantly blaring, and if you listen carefully, you can hear gunshots in the distance. and even though its so dangerous to live here, houses are expensive as all hell. one never knows what to expect when you live around here.
it may not be new york city, but its certainly interesting.
by alex r May 02, 2005

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the space marine could be compared to the cowboys of the old west, or pirates of the high seas. they are tough, smart, and always have the biggest guns or are just insanely strong. the idea of the space marine has been around for a while, but only in recent years have they been popular in books, movies, and videogames. you might not realise it, but you can look in almost any sci fi movie and find a space marine. pretty soon you wont be able to find any children playing "cowboys and injuns" but youll find many playing "spartans and covenants" the only difference is that theyre playing it online via xbox live.
master chief, the doom(1,2,and 3)guy, all those dead guys from metroid prime 2: echoes, everyone in the movie aliens,and the humans in aliens vs. predator and prettymuch anyone else with a big gun and a uniform in a science fiction movie/book/videogame.
by alex r April 13, 2005

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for those who actually dont know what it is, its a military novel/movie. i never read the novel but the movie was about a group of soldiers fighting crazy aliens from another planet.
all i know is that co-ed showers rock
by alex r May 04, 2005

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oh yeah, and dont forget the novel/movie starship troopers
those guys kicked total ass.
by alex r May 04, 2005

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a simple statement, warding off those who think metriods are cute, and look hungry. metroids feed off of the life forces of other living creatures. feeding them your rations might reek havoc upon thier specialized digestive systems. also, if a metroid sucessfully recieves energy from any meal, it grows in size and strength. so by feeding a metroid in a holding tank, you are helping it escape.
if you are stupid enough to want to feed a metroid, why dont you just jump in the tank , and let it eat you?
by alex r May 29, 2005

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1.)a delicious dessert consisting of a banana coated in delicious fudge, or
2.)a phrase that sounds infinitely dirty.
1a:dude, last night i had some bananas and fudge.
2a:awesome! was it delicious?

1b:dude, last night i had some bananas and fudge.
2b:eww, man, i dont need to hear that shit.
by alex r June 29, 2005

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