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Most typically over weight, bald Hispanic males who resembles Shrek. Usually seen wearing over sized NFL jerseys, shorts and high top basketball shoes.
Man, did you see that giant vato wearin' the Raiders jersey? He looked like a Shrexican.
by aldeshsa May 05, 2009
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To pimp a Klingon. Those who wear an inordinant amount of jewelry, tattoos and or trendy clothes to compensate for a lack of God given beauty. Those who think they have it goin' on but just don't. Ugly people tryin' to make it work.
Blingon, Flava Flav, Plies, Lil Wayne, Ying Yang Twins, 50 Cent, Luther Campbell, Lil John, The Game, etc.
by aldeshsa May 13, 2009
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Any of a variety of weight related conditions one might suffer from who is density challenged such as hot dog neck, muffin top, cankles and so forth. Similar to a birth defect.
Man, would you look at the size of that guy. He's huge! He's got some serious girth defects.
by aldeshsa December 10, 2010
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A drug dealer. One who sells illegal drugs such as marijuana, AKA chronic.
Man, I'm down to seeds and stems. It's time to make a visit to my chronicologist.
by aldeshsa May 05, 2009
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What The Fuck White People? A modified WTF used on Youtube after watching Fail videos where 99% of the time it's white people doing stupid shit and generally fucking themselves up for no particular reason.
You, after watching a Fail video where white kids are giving each other nutshots, leave a WTFWP comment.
by aldeshsa March 06, 2011
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Similar to beer goggles. The drunk at a party, bar, etc. who seems to think everybody wants to hear his sob story. Also will usually get emotional and tell you over and over again "I love you man", "he doesn't deserve you", etc..
Drunk: (in slurred drunk talk) "listen damn it you're an awesome, beautiful woman and your boyfriend doesn't deserve you" or " did I ever tell you how much I love you man, I'm serious, love you like a brother.

Girl/ guy: It sounds like you've strapped on the tear goggles.
by aldeshsa December 13, 2010
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casual sex you intend to have with another person with no intention of contiuing a relationship. Most likely a one nite stand. Most likely said to a friend about a hot girl.
Man, do you see that ass? I'd dunk it and junk it!
by aldeshsa May 05, 2009
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