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When 6-year-old ROBLOX players try to type in "oof", but they type in g since it's right beside f, but they send their message anyway because they didn't check for spelling.

Person 2, sarcastically: "Oog."
by aethe_r July 04, 2018

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The go-to "counterargument" cis/heterophobes use when someone complains about cis/heterophobia.
Person 1: "Okay, but not all cishets are x, y, and z. How does generalization and hypocrisy solve the problem of LGBT-phobia?"
Person 2: "Shut up, bootlicker!"
Person 1: "..."
by aethe_r March 30, 2020

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An alternate spelling of wayament, specifically the spelling used in the waynament meme with the Disney character Goofy.
Twitter Bio: "if you put your pronouns in your bio, your opinion is automatically invalid | they/them"

Guy: "Now waynament.."
by aethe_r April 23, 2019

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