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To produce a burp that smells like a fart.
"Dude, that is sick. Was that you?"
"Yeah, sorry, it was a farp"
by acl551 May 10, 2009

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Expletive used to show dismay, anger or contempt. Similar in use to “fuck” but a less severe expression.
"Oh, dude, you have just run over that cat!"
"Shitknockers I think that was my Neighbours"
" Oh shit, you will have to go and tell them"
by acl551 June 07, 2009

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To penetrate the inner ear canal with the penis shaft repeatedly. Or to listen to rubbish constantly.
Scott: yeah I can't believe those guys
Anneliese; yeah they filled my ear with waxy miagui
by acl551 February 27, 2015

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Physics process: When three objects of huge mass triangulate to form a centre of gravity so powerful that an event horizon forms with the power of a black hole.

Adjective: when three fat people surround you and you get squashed in the middle by the huge amount of body fat present.
Girl: Don't stand there man, there are three fatties heading your way!
Guy: it's too late, I'm being sucked into the fatrango

fatrango fat fatties black hole
by acl551 June 02, 2016

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