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A method of making crystal meth in small batches without a heat source. The method involves mixing and shaking ingredients in a container, such as a 2 liter soda bottle. By preparing the drug in small quantities, cookers can avoid purchasing limits on over-the-counter medicines. Addicts can also prepare their own supply, bypassing dealers. Shake and bake meth can be prepared in bathroom stalls and moving vehicles. The chemical reaction involved in shaking the ingredients can create an explosion, and the drug itself has obvious health risks. Also called “one-pot” and “on the go” meth.
Know where I can score some meth?

No, but why don’t you just shake and bake your own?
by acidnoir January 11, 2012
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Something a person says halfway through a long, pointless story with trivial details that are interesting to nobody except the storyteller.
(Fifteen minutes of droning blather). Long story short, (fifteen more minutes of rambling digressions.)
by acidnoir July 22, 2010
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A cop who plants evidence.
Ever notice how Det. Jones and Smith are the last to show up on a bust but they're the first to find a stash?

Yeah. They're farmers. They plant.
by acidnoir April 07, 2010
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