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Someone (usually a girl) who tend to abuse the share button on social media in an extremely and super annoying way.
Amy is such a share whore, I wake up every morning to find her stupid meaningless posts on my news feed.
by absurdum October 28, 2011

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A person how masted the art of bailing.
A masterbailer bails out of anything from internet convos to real needs while occasionally dropping some completely lame excuses.
Jude: Your bailed out of the chat last night, your such a masterbailer!
Nancy: Sorry man, I swear I fell asleep on the keyboard.

Jack: Why didnt Adam show up last night?
John: He said he had to to go somewhere.
Jack: He's such a masterbailer!
by Absurdum July 17, 2011

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Same as "come out of the closet" but from BDSM practicing people.
Vicky finally made the move to come out of the dungeon and admitted shes a sub!
by Absurdum May 22, 2011

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