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Gentlemen's club, Strip Joint, a bar where women only wear shoes.
Dude 1: Hey man, i'm sick of drinking in this stupid pub
Dude 2: You're right, let's hit the shoe bar

Dude 1: Damn right. Let's go !
by absolutben80 January 19, 2012

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Fake breasts, Fake Tits, +2.
Dude : yo, how come all these broads can get in the bar quicker than us?
Dude2: They have fake tickets bro!
by absolutben80 July 04, 2011

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Talking shit to somebody while giving them a compliment. A compliment which also casts the complimentee in a negative light.
Dude1 : Nice fucking jeans bro
Dude2: yo, these are the new Roberto Cavalli
Dude1: yeah cool I guess...
Dude2: thanks for the chirpliment dude!
by absolutben80 July 16, 2012

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