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When your driving down the freeway or road, and all the sudden someone in front of you or you tap on the brakes as soon as police lights are spotted.
Lol that guy in the mustang just cop tapped, but it was just an ambulance.

(driving down freeway) Oh man this is a good song (sees police lights) Oh shit! (Taps brakes) wait, never mind hes too busy pulling some other noob over.
by Aaron_768 March 15, 2007
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To squeeze or pour lime juice into your mixed alcoholic beverage.
Steve: Hey man, I made you a drink.
Jake: Did you lime it?

Hey John, next time you make Sally a drink lime it or she will gag on it.
by Aaron_768 February 08, 2007
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This is an excuse used to explain why a person has been sleeping in extremely late, usually later every day. The reason for this is because a bed is so extremely comfortable a person has a hard time getting up. This is usually the case for an unemployed individual who is not seeking a job and doesn't have anything to do for the day.
Ashley: What time you get up today?
John: Uhh around 5 pm
Ashley: WTF you woke up at 4 pm yesterday the day is over by the time you even get up!
John: Its not my fault, Blame it on the bed.
by aaron_768 February 08, 2007
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Happens after a person has watched to many MTV shows that have Bam Margera or star Bam Margera, the person is so tired of seeing him, watching him doing funny/wild things to his friends and parents, and just seeing him makes the person change the channel.
Jim: Hey man ViVa La Bam is on!
Eric: Oh god please change it, i cant stand that shit now.
Jim: But its a funny show! whats the matter?
Eric: Dude I watched the whole marathon on MTV last night, Im so Bammed out.
by Aaron_768 March 17, 2007
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Used as a way to describe the experience a person has with an air bed. As in the airbed is so deflated that your ass is touching the ground while attempting to sleep on it.
Hey man how was your air bed last night? "Aww man it was good the first few hours but then at like 4 AM I bottomed out."
by aaron_768 March 13, 2007
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