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hacker slang for elite, the real hackers
That hacker aFexTz is ejeet, he knows wtf he is doing
by aFexTz April 03, 2003
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Botnet term: Joins Per Second (JPS)

The speed at which bots join a channel when loaded (directed to a given IP).
WOW Pherks JPS is 4!
by afextz September 30, 2004
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aFexTz ownz 100% of all 3chrs kthxnub
jewbie: fextz u got a 3 u dont need?
me: gtfo =
by aFexTz October 08, 2003
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A leet religion that fuxin ownz j00!!1111!!11!!!111!#@#$@%&^%**$%$@*U^*
I believe in teh Fexism
by aFexTz October 29, 2003
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