Once was the greatest torrent site ever. Had almost every torrent you could want without any leechers and a forum where request were really easy. Got shut down by the CRIA (Canadian equivalent of RIAA) because demonoid's hosting company was being a pussy, even though demonoid didn't actually host anything illegal or do anything wrong(see torrent).
Dude A: Hey im downloading a new version of linux from demonoid!
Dude B: Wrong! Demonoid doesn't actually host any files besides .torrent. They basically give your computer directions where to get it.
Dude A: So they don't have any files, and therefore, haven't done anything illegal?
Dude B: Yep.
by Flemmyd December 9, 2007
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A being that resembles a demon. look at humanoid.
that child is a demonoid!!
by hippy2981 December 28, 2005
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A torrent site. The best one ever and kicks The Pirate Bay's ass! Invites and random open registrations. If you don't belong to Demonoid, you should be jealous that you aren't
I wish I was a member of Demonoid because everyone on there is so cool, and they have the best torrents ever.
by Snipazer June 21, 2007
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