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1. A time that is far more unpleasant for women than for men.

2. The reason the pill is such a blessing.
If you felt like this, you'd be grumpy too.

The pill = skippable periods = no PMS
by _plethora_ January 23, 2008

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Heaven is really just one big orgasm
Religion teacher: There is no sex in Heaven
Me: Heaven should be all sex all the time
T: Being with God feels the same as the best part of sex
M: So... Heaven is just one big orgasm? Dude, that's what they should say to attract people to Christianity..!
by _plethora_ August 27, 2006

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A shirt (be it a tshirt, button down, tank top etc) that seems to have remarkable pulling power. The wearer will more likely than not hook up while wearing the shirt.
I borrowed the shirt of power from John on Saturday night and I pulled 3 chicks! I need to wash it before I give it back...
by _plethora_ August 21, 2008

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