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This is a girl who dobs on people otherwise you could say dobra jo
by Zzzara July 02, 2021
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This is a swear word made by Rory from the Australian tv show little lunch it’s ment to be a mean word
Your a fushantuva and minkle
by Zzzara July 02, 2021
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This is part two when Kate comes back in the morning before work she feeds poppy with her hands witch are covered in cum and does the same at lunch and dinner after she tells poppy she gave her a laxative and poppy grabs Kate and fingers her so Kate pushes her and shoved a 30 up poppy so poppy screams and the lesbian fucked every day but a week later after being given laxatives every day poppy had pooped on the floor as usual but it took 2 hours to poop and it was giant fuck.
by Zzzara July 22, 2021
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Kate and poppy were bffs poppy was wet and so was Kate poppy saw this and put lesbian sex on tv Kate then ran away and came back with a draw got a rope out and tied poppy to the bed poppy was excited Kate handcuffed her and grabbed a 9 dildo shoved it in poppy took it out and fisted he then moved on to lick her cilt now she covered her eyes and put a 12 dildo in but Kate loved giving she liked poppy’s reaction and blind folded her and shoved a 17 dildo in poppy orgasamed and screamed kates name again and again ‘oh Kate oh ahhh Kate Kate Kate’ Kate drank her cum and left her Kate then slept part two soon
by Zzzara July 21, 2021
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by Zzzara July 29, 2021
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The Peek-A-Boo Poop:

You will crap. This poop will land in the water, and would appear to go down the hole. It will then constantly return to the surface to annoy you. Flush quickly when its at the top, or the poop will just slip back once you flush.

The Ghost Poop:

You will feel the crap crawling out, but you see nothing in the toilet. Sometimes a varient of the Peek-A-Boo poop.

The Gassy Max:

You will think its just a fart, but suddenly, a wet, smelly poop will appear. Generally comes a bit before Diarrhea.

The Professianal Poop (AKA the American Poop)

The moment your ass hits the toilet seat, this poop will flare out of ass. It is painful. It is not Diarrhea. It simply hurts, and not much comes out. Brace until its gone.

The Friendly poop:

Comes out of your ass easily. Feels good, and is pretty clean. This is the dream poop.

The Titanic poop:

A massive poop. Sometimes called a Lincoln Log. Push it out and gasp at its size.

The Giant poop:

A huge poop. Bigger then life. Hope for the best. If you are unlucky, this will rupture your bowels and kill you. If you are lucky, this will create a huge poop. Don't flush, bring all of your buddies over to gape and gasp at its size. Take pictures. You might have made a world record.
by Zzzara July 04, 2021
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