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What I fucking hear students say when they mention their future career in college. Because we all know that a lucrative career leads to us to talking about our new Cadillacs to each other, how much miles per gallon they get and what-fucking-ever.
Student: "I can't wait to finish college and get a job!"

Other Student: "Yeah! We'll open the garage doors to a lucrative CAR-eer!"
by Zroogz May 18, 2018
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Cold medicine. Quick and nasty in your throat, red as blood, and makes the thermometer go up and up. The classic way to feel sick.
Throw down some cold medicine. It's like mercury to me.
by Zroogz April 10, 2019
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Usually a old reliable bedroom or office where you go to when you're horny and your only option for masturbatory relief is the internet. Smells like a special honey.
Fap break. Back to the old hornet nest for me.
by Zroogz October 3, 2018
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The queen of toilet music.

In rap terms: Boys blow up her phone while she sits on the porcelain throne. Taking dirty shits and calling them music hits. C she's not rap because she puts the C in crap. Shlong-poo and the wrist icicles, like getting ear-fucked by dick bicycles. Talking about "rim rim rims" while giving 'Wayne rimjobs. Lard ass either plastic or never touched a gym. Boys call her "Icki" cuz her puss is Minaj sticky, stinking so bad they call her Young Seafood Chim'ney. Kurt Cobain, seeing Minaj in a vision, made his suicide decision. Saw her in the sewer covered in poo, smiling like a clown saying "you'll float too!" She's all ass, no class, and no girl you'd screw.
Nicki Minaj -- No, you don't use the name in a sentence or I'm calling the police.
by Zroogz May 18, 2018
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A scared phrase for anyone doubting themselves in life. Unique because of the three "t" sounds uttered in it's use. t for the cross, and three for the holy

Trinity. So, basically it means fucking find Jesus or you're going to hell! It's not an momentary action, but a lifetime commitment.
"I've spent my life dicking around on the internet, no GF, no job, dropped out of college. get your shit together or God will throw you in the trash."
by Zroogz March 11, 2019
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When you're bagging so many A's in college that you feel like Jimi Hendrix rocking the campus, and you're just purple with vanity. The fucking best color a grade can be.
Big Boy on Campus: "Purple A's all around! My grades are going up not down!"
by Zroogz May 18, 2018
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