english midwest slang for gracious, or thankyou in spanish
Person 1 to bartender: Get BT over there a drink.
BT to person 1: Garage Doors man
by Duwhite November 30, 2018
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the large roll of fat that needs to be lifted up to get to a fat womans pussy
If you want to fuck Stacey you will have to open the garage door.
by Johnny Tats November 15, 2007
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It is a position in which the garage door closes on ones head and the person runs in a sideways circle.
Wanna go do some Garage Door 360.
by AHT_27 November 13, 2020
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convince a chick to have sex with you in a parking deck out on the back of the car or over the hood and make so much noise the guard comes looking to see what’s going on. The key is working your magic to convince a chick to do it when she doesn’t want to at first.
I gave the the Garage door opener
by JBut November 24, 2007
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Oh look at that he still didn’t close it. Lemme guess “ I’m going back outside.” Close your garage door
by ThatThiccWhale December 04, 2020
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