5 definitions by Zoobreath

Boning a horrifically beastly broad such that your friends say you have engaged in in an act of truly bestial depravity
Holy God Hank is into bestiality! He got hammered last night and mounted Toni. Fuckin broad looks like a manatee.
by Zoobreath July 11, 2008
A dick with a large circumference thereby appearing fat or wide.
Stan split Matty's ass wide open with his xtra fat johnson!
by Zoobreath May 12, 2008
Getting drunk, loud, and obnoxious during the afternoon daylight hours and talking lots of trash with violence usually happening as well, often domestic. Common in urban white environments like east Dayton, Ohio where ethnic Appalachian white trash abound.
Holy fuck Jerry put on an afternoon hillbilly today and beat his bitch right before CSI came on.
by Zoobreath May 28, 2008
One who revels in all things related to the anus.
1. Ass worship
2. Parting the booty is like a festival or carnival a regal good time.
Bunch of geeks from IT Dept had a party last night, all male dirt chute worshipping fags must have had a huge evening of anal revelry!
by Zoobreath August 13, 2008
The act of engaging in cornholing behavior. Like juvenile, penile, etc.
Jerry has been quite cornile this week. Fuckin Mo battered a half dozen browneyes by Tuesday.
by Zoobreath November 23, 2010