2 definitions by ZoeInnit

1. A GREAT song by Love joy

2. A person who only sees someone(through cheating purposes) for the sex(which is explained in the lyrics of “Sex Sells” by LoveJoy).
1. Oh have you heard that one song by LoveJoy?
Sex Sells?
Oh yeah it’s awesome man.

2. Oh did you know that Sarah Sex Sells.
Yeah she is a real bitch
by ZoeInnit August 23, 2021
The irrational fear of inanimate objects that have been unnecessarily gendered based on their color or fashion.
Person 1: So you’re homophobic?
Person 2: No I’m genderphobic
*Explains what genderphobic means*
Person 1: * Holds a blue pen and a pink pen* Like this boy pen and girl pen?
Person 2: AHHHH
by ZoeInnit January 17, 2022