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A player in an MMORPG (term originated in World of Warcraft) who spends the vast majority of, if not his entire online time acquiring items and selling them at ludicrously high prices. The sale can occur in or out of the game, with a large number of Chinese Gold Farmers (henceforth abbreviated as "CGF") being linked to websites specializing in the (illegal) sale of in-game assets for actual real-world currency.

More often than not, they do not work well in groups, speak very little English (as the name suggests), have a multitude of people with access to the same characters (it remains unknown if one person plays for days, or if the users develop various "shifts" similar to a work schedule), and will roll for all items as though they are required ("Need" rolling in World of Warcraft, also "Ninja Looting" at times).

Rarely, if ever, will these characters be created with any skills beneficial to other players. The odds of seeing a World of Warcraft CGF character with Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Leatherworking, or Tailoring are roughly equal to witnessing the death of our own sun within one's lifetime.

If the player behind a CGF is too poor to afford a website to sell his goods, he will instead farm items ranging from medium to horrible value and post them in the nearest available in-game player-to-player store (such places being the Auction Houses in World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI). All items posted by a CGF are easily identified due to their 500% to 500,000% markup compared to prices set by other players. This, of course, is due to their obsession with acquiring the largest amount of gold in the shortest time possible.

Group play with a CGF is nearly impossible due to their innate desire to fill their pockets with any and all items that drop for the party. There are many signs of being partied with a CGF; be warned, as there are also growing numbers of noobs who exhibit these traits: They are the warriors who cannot hold aggro. They are the priests who cannot heal. They are the mages who run into melee combat. They are the level 50 hunters with a level 10 pet by their side. They are the rogues who spend the duration of the battle picking open and looting a chest. Luckily, once a CGF is found in a group, the leader boots him and begins searching for a replacement. On the off-chance that a CGF is the leader of a group, it is quickly disbanded.
{1. Ironforge - General} {LowPing}: WTS {Blackened Defias Leggings} 7g! In AH now!
{1. Ironforge - General} {LowPing}: WTS {Blackened Defias Leggings} 7g! In AH now!
{1. Ironforge - General} {LowPing}: WTS {Blackened Defias Leggings} 7g! In AH now!
{1. Ironforge - General} {Onderu}: Stupid goldfarmers... they're not worth more than 1g and use the damn Trade Channel!

{VanDuul}: Did you see the price on those {Steel Weapon Chain} plans in there?
{MacFlannel}: Yeah, some Chinese Gold Farmer found 3 and he's charging 1500 gold apiece. Can't believe it.
{VanDuul}: You're just as likely to find 10 of 'em as you are to have 1500g. Stupid farmers.
by Ziggurs March 16, 2006

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