Chinese gil/gold farmer.
Used to describe Chinese players that play MMORPG's to collect as much in-game money that is sold to internet sites that in turn sell to atcual players of the game.
I can't make any money mining in Gusgen anymore cuz it's always overcamped by cgf.
by Cliff96 April 21, 2005
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abreviation for a Cum Gurgling Faggot... Obviously very derogatory. Usually used by one straight male to another. A substitute for "asshole" or "dick".
You CGF!!! You took the last beer!
by Wpheiny January 24, 2008
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Can be used in the forms CGF, CGFers, or CGFing.

Used to define a girl or group of girls that follow a strict and immature set of rules including no talking while I’m talking, only dating a select group of guys, and many others.
These girls are CGFing

These girls are a bunch of CGFer
“I’m a petty bitch, I think I’ll join the CGF
by CR34 October 27, 2018
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