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The pinnacle of the word Milf.
Your mom is teh hottest evar!
by Zeus April 11, 2005

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The coolest guy on the planet. Anytime the ladies see him they instantly orgasm for a few seconds.
Man, E-roc is so cool.
by Zeus August 07, 2004

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The man card is one of the most important things in a man's life. Possesed almost exlusively by single or unmarried men, to say you have a man card means you're still one of the boys/men; you hang out, do as you wish, spend your money on yourself, play football, drink heavily, and answer to nobody but yourself.
'Poor Rick, its so sad to see him without his man-card. Ever since he got married and had his card revoked, he's just not the same. I could swear he walks with a limp, and I never see him outside of work..'

see also; wuss, pussy whipped, slave, tool
by Zeus November 11, 2004

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used to greet close friends for relations.
wha blow! whats happenin
by Zeus November 07, 2003

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A Small, hell-hole of a town very similar to Knob's Hill, kentucky; but full of hispanics instead of hillbillies.
Get the hell out of *Laredo*
by Zeus August 21, 2003

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A group of thugs who play pranks of innocent victims.
here come thoses jokerz!
Help us!!!!!!!!
i went my pants!
by Zeus November 07, 2003

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Insult, dumbass or jackass
WOW! that guy is such a pickle-weezle
by zeus May 24, 2004

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