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A type of Line Clear first introduced in Tetris Effect. It requires 18 Lines to be cleared.
Man, Wumbotize managed to get yet another Perfectris!
by Ze_eT November 2, 2018
A Nice Guy is either...
1. if "nice" is an adjective, it is a Guy that is nice.

2. if "nice" is a noun, it is a Guy that thinks because he is nice he can have anything (Sex, Wifes, Million Dollars) but goes into Rage if someone doesn't think that way.
3. A subreddit that is about the nice guys from 2.
Nice Girls is the genderswap version of Nice Guys and equally got definitions 1., 2., 3.
1. "Man, that nice guy you have is way better than those I meet!"
2. "He said he could be nicer than anyone else, but when I told him that I do not want to even do a friendzone, he said that I am a hoe!"
3. "Did you get your reddit karma yet for it?"
by Ze_eT November 2, 2018
1. A M.O.A.B-class (Zeppelin of Mighty Gargantuaness) bloon introduced in Bloons TD 5 that became the parent of the B.F.B (Big Flying Behemoth) and later the son of the B.A.D (Big Airship of Doom).
2. A way of saying „OMG“. The Z was added to it when others tried to press SHIFT but instead pressed Z. Often used for sarcastic applauding.
1. Did you saw that ZOMG go past my Tempel of the Monkey God?
2. zOMG YOU SKILL GOOD1!!!!!!1!!1
by Ze_eT August 31, 2018
1. A player that just sucks at Fortnite.
2. A player that has no money or doesn't want to pay money for a Skin.
3. A player that wants the enemy to lower their guard to then destroy them.
2. Gimme skin pls im poor and no skin
3. Oh my god, that No skin absolutely destroyed me
by Ze_eT November 4, 2018
1. Someone you like
2. Scaring others
3. When a persons performs badly
1. I like my boo more than you do.
2. Kim Jong Un: Boo!
His Army: *Simulates being scared*
3. Boo! you stink!
by Ze_eT August 31, 2018