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A condition caused when a person plays too much Tetris. It is considered a psychological habit.

There are two symptoms of Tetris Effect, which occur without conscientiously thinking of it:
1. A person can't help but notice how neatly objects in the real world could be stacked together, and imagines a sort of Tetris game in which the objects are stacked.
2. A person visualizes games of Tetris or Tetris scenarios when they daydream, project mental images, or close their eyes.

Note: Such an effect occurs with various repetitive or puzzling tasks, most commonly Chess, Polarium, and Guitar Hero.
Fisher: Dude, do you see that?
Lynch: Yeah, that Popsicle Stand would perfectly fill that space between those two parked cars!
Fisher: What? No, look at those two chicks making out!
Lynch: Oh. Yeah.
Fisher: I think you play Tetris too much.
Lynch: Nah, it's just a little Tetris Effect.
by Lynchings February 01, 2010
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