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Big Fuckin' Deal

sarcastic term to describe an overly hyped event which would be as exciting as, for example, crash-out-city, or a fester-val
"Oh, that sounds like a real B F D ",

origin, band ACDC's song 'TNT', with BFD substituted in the chorus and sang in response at a festers' ridiculous comment:
"That's kinda like a B. F. D. -a Big Fuckin' Deal !
by Zack Bathory March 26, 2008
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moniker of prominent Australian graffiti artist active from mid-1980s, mainly in Victoria and South Australia.
"check it out, another dope ZAM wildstyle piece"
by Zack Bathory March 21, 2008
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statement by oneself to oneself announcing that you are about to undertake intense self intoxication;

stumbling upon a situation which involves extreme tedium or horror and responding with the remark similiar in meaning to "Oh please someone just sedate me already!";
As I entered the kitchen I saw him reach for the bottle of Green Chartreuse and pour a large shot, and before sculling it down he screamed in a drawn-out disturbing manner, " z o m - b i f - f y - m e !" (zombify-me);

Zack paused 'Dawn of the Dead' before poring his sixth triple shot Wild Turkey, and just as he was about to take a large gulp, just barely managed to groan "Zombify-me";
by Zack Bathory January 13, 2008
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get wacked, shot, dead.
"If you f--- with me, you get the W";
probable origin, a Cypress Hill lyric
by Zack Bathory March 21, 2008
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a city of festers;

the crowd at a Guns 'N' Roses concert (which is ironic really, considering the term partly emerged from the corruption of their song lyric 'Paradise City');

when too many ex-'Greenpeace' members (expelled for smelliness and total lack of personal hygiene) congregate in one area (well I just couldn't say all Greenpeace- after all, they did
"t-r-y", not stopped, but "tried" to stop whaling- hey what the hell are my donations for then!);
"Whoa man, let's get the F n G outa here, it's a goddamn regular festerville up n in this!" panics Sad,
"Yeah Saddywah, those R.E.M. lovin' tree huggin' ferals over there are making my olfactory senses internally vomit, nuthin' but festered-out-city ", observes Zack.
by Zack Bathory March 26, 2008
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When everyone goes to sleep;
When the party dies;
When the party-starters are fucked;

When you're the only person with energy left to keep drinking before sunrise and you need an insulting term to describe all your weak pussy-ass friends;

Possible origin,...I hate to say it but I think a Guns and Roses song (maybe because it puts you to sleep? ha ha!)
"Jeez everyone's too tired to go out...am I the only one who is pumped-up or what? It's nothin' but crash-out-city 'round here!";

"Holy shit looks like crash out city up 'n in here!" observes Zack of all the drunken passed out partied-out dudes all over the lounge floor, "yeah, nuthin' but..." replies Damian;

"Hey man I'm fucked, looks like I'm headin' for crash-out-city" Dams slurs to his friend, "What! fuck that, I told you when it comes to Twin Peaks I can stay up forever!" Zack barks out while drunkenly fumbling for the DVD case;

by Zack Bathory January 13, 2008
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freak or a freaky person; a person you would not want to associate with;
Also can be used to describe oneself when feeling down;
Probable origin from the character of Uncle Fester from the Adams Family ; and from medical terminology i.e. festering wound- slimy, pus-oozing septic infection.
"Oh my god look at those festers over there!" Says Zack, "What a smelly bunch of freaks", replies Mr Smacs;
"Listen, Mr Wisey, Uncle Fester is all-festered-out, but he's got nuthin' on you, you festered out festering fester fest of a festerval in festerville, festered out fester!" Laney quips;
"Oh crap I better get my shit together I'm turning into a fester", Fordy muses to himself;
"This crappy small town is a fester-ville, see those festered-out dudes? They look like a bunch of
Gleesons let loose in the wild while on a surf safari" Daz remarks;
"Hell no I wont go...those street parties are turning into real fester-vals" states Pierre Condom;
by Zack Bathory January 13, 2008
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