Wisey is the shortened/ nickname for wiseborn, wisdom and many other names. The nickname wisey is reserved for people who have a calm demeanour as the name suggest. They are usually the ones that people rely on in tough situations to come up with a plan. Although they can be seen as dry and monotone people, their name acts as a window to another side which they rarely show. This side of theirs is their kind and adorable side. Overall they are just good people and should be cherished as you don't see somebody as perfect and loveable as them every day.
"Hey Wisey get over here"
"Let me introduce you to my guy Wisey"
"I would totally choose wisey"
"Most people can just be assholes but Wisey is the exception"
by A rural place July 20, 2021
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a man whose spouse regularly cheats on him with members of the West Indian community
Leroy, Winston and Delroy have been round to sort out that fat wisey's missus
by mark September 9, 2003
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xd Wisey is a small youtuber with currently 30+ subscribers and growing his channel bit by bit, has a small group of friends who are also small Youtubers, such as Medieval legend, F1r1um xd, F34R_STATIICZ, and a few more. Lastly, xd Wisey is a good, small youtuber with very good friends.
"Did you see xd Wisey's new video today?"

"Yeah, a minecraft video this time wasn't it?"
by xd Wisey July 2, 2019
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A large cockzilla cockslapper who fucks everything he sees
Wisey’s wisey willy took another victim yesterday
by Gookboi February 19, 2018
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