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An exceeding rare type of spider monkey that has the ability to lead an entire pack of monkeys, but also the ability to code the worst programs to ever exist.
I used to own a datacenter for me and my friends, but once we gave miqhtie permission to access it, we lost everything in the datacenter, even the homework folder.

Miqhtie is a great candidate for the El Paso Zoo spider monkey exhibit!
by YourMomsHomemadeSpaghetti January 5, 2023
A person that is not only so innocent they got scared of sex ed, but a person that is also so dumb they don't even know what a dictionary is.
Person 1: Wait, so what's a dictionary again? I'm trying to find out what sex is.
Person 2: Are you seriously pulling a kiyeo?
by YourMomsHomemadeSpaghetti October 12, 2020
A random specimen residing in a social platform known as Discord that likes to travel server to server just to make people's lives more miserable by making unique but mostly stupid jokes every now and then.
"Minik simply needs to be stopped."
"I genuinely cannot stop laughing after the stupid shit minik posts every day."
by YourMomsHomemadeSpaghetti October 5, 2022