n:Someone who has left their home far away and feels lost in their new environment, however when they go back home, they find the new environment has changed them so they now feel lost in both places.
The word originates from the life of Minik Wallace, one of six Inuit brought to the USA from Greenland in 1897 by explorer Robert Peary.
“When I went home for Thanksgiving, I felt like a minik, it had been so long.”

“Since I’ve moved here, I’m a minik in everything I do. Totally displaced.”

"You grew up here and you forgot where the market is? You’re such a minik!”
by Multidisciplinary TKBL January 12, 2009
a twitch prime emote witch has a mini kappa instead of a normal kappa
can i see your small penis MiniK
by Lord fartamor May 9, 2017
MiNiK or Menik , Menek

1 individual A viking god who is straight up OutDaGutter

Smart and dope af ... 1 of the friendliest and funniest guys u could ever come across but if you cross him he will cut you down with his axe or many blades .
You shall not make this bitch made fool a sacrifice offering to the great viking god MiNiK of the new world . He will bring down great vengeance and furious anger .
by M1N3kODGMOBBING April 23, 2021
A random specimen residing in a social platform known as Discord that likes to travel server to server just to make people's lives more miserable by making unique but mostly stupid jokes every now and then.
"Minik simply needs to be stopped."
"I genuinely cannot stop laughing after the stupid shit minik posts every day."
by YourMomsHomemadeSpaghetti October 5, 2022