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The E-Community is the community for e-girls and e-boys (and softies,) you can also call them “E-P’s”standing for E-People. Being an E-P means you dress edgy and act edgy, (mostly applies to the dressing/style aesthetic)
Wow... Trisha is an E-P now. Her style changed over the summer.
Tyler is apart of the E-Community now.
by YourFellowCrackhead January 08, 2020
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The E-Gang is the official term for the e-girl and e-boy community. Like how there is the “hype house” for the vsco white kids. The E-Gang is for the edgy dressing/acting kids.
“Yo, Sadie is apart of the E-Gang”
“Tyler is in the E-Gang now, what an edgy white boy.”
by YourFellowCrackhead January 12, 2020
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