A gang that only exists on the Internet i.e. mainly in chat rooms or forums.
The E-Gang had formed in the chat room and within 2 weeks the E-Gang had taken over, and ran the room.

HZ200: So waz up fool?
JK12: Hi guyz
HZ200: JK12 no yer place fool! shut da hell up!
JK12: soz :(
Beec8: u will b if u ever chat again!!! :o
Tonloc: Man these regular chatters r turning into an E-Gang!
by The Moody Poet January 06, 2007
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The E-Gang is the official term for the e-girl and e-boy community. Like how there is the “hype house” for the vsco white kids. The E-Gang is for the edgy dressing/acting kids.
“Yo, Sadie is apart of the E-Gang”
“Tyler is in the E-Gang now, what an edgy white boy.”
by YourFellowCrackhead January 12, 2020
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