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Person of low intelligence, retard
You are such a fuck wit!!
by Your name: July 09, 2003

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The yellow substance on your floor that you think just might be juice.. but it smells quite different.
I would suggest using kleenex to wipe up that pee off your floor.
by Your name: November 29, 2004

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AIM stands for "A Terrible Executable That Will Kill Teenagers' English Skills."

...not directly of course, LOL!*



***I can't stop using AIM chat.. LMFAO!
God, why did you give us fucking AIM?!
by Your name: July 29, 2004

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Large Time: n. 1. A lot of fun. 2. Very big event of much size.
1. We airman Smith at the squadron banquet. A large time was had by all.

2. The concert next Saturday is going to be a large time.
by Your name: March 22, 2004

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by Your name: September 26, 2003

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not a word... yet...
internet ebonics?
another word for "l33t5p34k"?
by Your name: August 05, 2003

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