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The growth and development of the human brain using beer as the primary source of nourishment.
Becky: Isn't that Bubby's sixth beer?
Joe: Could be but not to worry. He's been on a barleyponics regiment for a month now and has moved up to using some three syllable words.
by Your Eminence April 7, 2016
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When a video is posted on the internet that does not go viral and probably never had a chance.
Becky: Did you see Bubby's Facebook video of him tying his own shoes?

Joe: Yea, he was really proud of himself for being on Facebook AND tying his own shoes and figured it would go viral. I've got a hunch it went DOA by now.
by Your Eminence December 1, 2014
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Beer consumed as part of a positive therapeutic activity.

Therabeer is generally consumed in significant quantities in the hours directly following a challenging day at work. Sessions involving Therabeer are proven to be most effective with a small group of co-workers to encourage commiseration between them, but also giving them ample opportunity to rip co-workers who are not present.
Craig: So did you hear the latest complaint from the guy in the next cubicle?
Bubby: Now what?
Craig: He says our cubicle stinks again.
Bubby: Damn. I suppose he went to the boss again.
Craig: Yea. Looks like we just got another smoldering stick in the eye.
Bubby: So now what do we do?
Craig: Call Jay. It's time to go out for some Therabeer.
by Your Eminence February 5, 2014
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When someone with a concealed carry permit pulls out their piece on you unexpectedly.
Joe: So I hear you are going PC / Liberal lately with all this Happy Holiday stuff instead of Merry Christmas. Pretty soon you will be doing some of that Kumbaya shit with the Bern.

Caryn: Oh yea? How PC does this look Jethro! (pulling the piece from her bra).

Joe: Damn girl! You didn't have to do the CC surprise on me. Go back to your Fox news watching.
by Your Eminence December 17, 2015
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The negative impact a beer drinker has on the beer supply at any given event or gathering.
Craig: Boy, Bubbie's really slamming them down tonight.
Joe: If he's not careful he'll drink the place dry.
Becky: Ya, he has no concept of his Carbon Beerprint.
by Your Eminence November 20, 2013
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The fear of being savagely attacked by visitors bearing Chamorro Chocolate Chip cookies from Guam.
And in today's headlines, the QAnon representative to U.S. House of Representative succumbed to a severe case of Chamorrophobia. It seems that a group armed with Guam's favorite chocolate chip cookie stormed Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's office in a blatant attempt at good will, sending her into a rage. More details at 10:00.
by Your Eminence March 18, 2021
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An ill-timed eleven hour hiatus from reality.
A weekend away with Karen and the kids seemed to be just the ticket as a shit-storm was in full force at work. It turned out to be quite a nasty Cruzation.
by Your Eminence February 19, 2021
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