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1. Contraction of the phrase "rock out."

2. To go out, spend lots of money, drink lots of booze, and shamelessly hit on girls. Essentially, to get nice and go huge.

notes: "rout" is commonly used together with the word "cout" which is itself a contraction of the words "cock out." Routing is also an important concept in the Get Drunk and Go for It school of thought.
James: What do you want to do tonight? Wanna rout a little?
Ben: Yeah, let's take many tequila shots and rout with our couts.

James: Did you get nice last night?
Ben: I straight routed; I gave some girl all kinds of orgasms when I put my d in her v.
by Young Whistla May 28, 2009
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To leave or remove oneself from an establishment, party, or awkward situation.

origin: A portmanteau word consisting of the term "to dip" and the name of french actor "GĂ©rard Depardieu."
Samir: Let's bounce; this party is mad whack.
Danny: (in the background) Hey, are there any cute Asian girls here?
James: Yeah, Samir, let's dipardieu.
by Young Whistla May 28, 2009
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