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1.) A terrible flash animator
2.) A Ragnorak Addict
3.) a Loner
4.) An annoying egotistical kid who thinks his shit dont stink
TheGoldCrow beats off to Mickthechampion
by YouKnowWho March 19, 2004
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Notorious reality star who got her start on 16 & pregnant (MTV) and teen mom series. Known to many as a compulsive liar and someone with a massive ego +delusions of self grandur, believing she is the greatest being on the planet.

Farrah Abraham uses the victim card like a pro, always picking fights with everyone from cast members and even her own family. When she is backed into a corner she brings out her ultimate weapon: Crying.

Crying usually happens when people she belittles has a back bone or doesn't automatically agree with her. The crying doesn't help her but makes her the subject of hilarious internet mimes.

A plastic surgery addict who shocked the world by admitting to actually gone under the knife only to make her more artificial.
Janey: did you catch Teen Mom Reuion? Amber should have knock Farrah down a few pegs.

Becky: Farrah Abraham has the emotional maturity of a two year old trapped in a mid twenty's body.
by YoukNowwhO December 14, 2016
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Current vocalist of popular Symphonic Metal act Nightwish. She replaced Anette Olson originally was suppose to be a temporary replacement before being asked to join as a permanent vocalist.

Floor can basically sing anything from operatic to rock to growls with ease. With Floor on board Nightwish can use practically any song from their library.

Most fans welcomed Floor with open arms while others didn't like the idea of replacing Anette.

Previous bands include After Forever and Revamp.
Joey: OMG Anette Olson was replaced by Floor Jansen. Man I think Floor is better suited for this type of music.

Rachel : if Floor is fronting Nightwish then what will happen to Revamp ?

*typical soap opera music plays*
by YoukNowwhO December 12, 2016
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The most stunning and original school play ever staged; superlative in both conception and execution.
Somebody please give the 'skipton-snaygill-embsay-eastby-cowling' posse a goddamn OSCAR!!!
by youknowwho June 02, 2004
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An acronym which becca must never discover the meaning of.
I '£!!' '*£$%' '+**' utdid!!!
by youknowwho June 02, 2004
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A man with a large cranium
Look, he's got a Deacon Francis!!!
by YouKnowWho September 04, 2003
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Some Jewish girl that thinks the messiah has come in the form of water ice from Rita's.

currently resides in PA
Upon arriving to Rita's... "This water ice IS the messiah!"
by YouKnowWho April 11, 2003
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