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To get The Shaft (Definition 3) from someone, that is, to get screwed over. However - getting The Shaft is common enough - you realise you have received The Spanish Finger only after the fact. So, in (say) a review situation - your boss makes a couple of critical remarks that are so subtle you only realise it afterwards. That is The Spanish Finger. Realisation of having just received The Spanish Finger is normally accompanid by a puzzled frown and a rub of ones chin. This was first coined in Rathmines on December 9, 2005.
What a strange review that was. I almost feel as if my boss was being rather critical of me. (Pause) In fact he definitely was. I just received The Spanish Finger. Damn.
by Yogrog December 12, 2005

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Idiotic or foolish behaviour. Alcohol fuelled antics and high jinks being a popular brand of eejitry.

Related to eejit.
After last nights drinking games, we engaged in plenty of eejitry.
by Yogrog July 06, 2004

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To attempt to behave as a gentleman would. A gentleman, by definition is polite, courteous and drinks beverages with his "little" or "pinky" finger sticking out. Of late the term "Like a gentleman" has tended to be tack on to the end of a sentence for humourous effect, especially in the context of drinking alcoholic beverages. See also like a lord.
I'm going to drink this beer like a gentleman.
I was drunk last night, drunk as a gentlemen.
by Yogrog August 28, 2006

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Variation of existing words, bollocks, or bollox.

Can be used to convey a polite meaning to the currently vulgar association with testicles, etc.
I have a pain in my balleex with my job.
I was balleexed last night.
That remark is a load of balleex.
You are a balleex.
Ask my balleex.
by Yogrog July 06, 2004

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To do something or attempt to do something like a lord. A lord can be regarded as a wealthy, well to do layabout who eats and drinks excessively. The term like or as a lord tagged onto the end of a sentence would imply that you did something to excess, further in excess for example, of something you did like a gentleman. If you drank like a lord, you would have drank a tremendous amount invariably leaving you drunk as a lord.
I drank plenty last night. I drank so much I was drunk as a lord.
I had a huge meal last night, I was stuffed after it. I ate like a lord.
by Yogrog August 28, 2006

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1. Acronym for Big Headed Eejit. A "Big Headed Eejit" is someone with a large cranium who behaves in an idiotic fashion, or like an eejit.
2. Can also describe an incredibly arrogant individual. One described as being big headed is an annoying person with a hugely inflated ego and unrealistic opinion of themselves.
Look at that chap over there, he possesses an unfeasibly large cranium. That added to his uninteresting conversation and ridiculous behaviour make him a BHE.
The successful bond dealer at the party last night was a BHE, he was arrogant and annoying.
by Yogrog August 29, 2006

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Variant of Queer.

Depending on the context, it can mean strange or uncanny, but can also mean homosexual.
"He's a right quare hawk", meaning he is a strange person.

"That was a right quare film", meaning that movie was indeed rather strange.

"He's a quare lad!", that man is a homosexual.
by Yogrog July 07, 2004

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