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a place of work for prostitutes.
"im goin down to the corner to pick me up a hooker"
by yer May 19, 2003
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a person who has little to no money and relies on handouts. often travels by train and hitchikeing.
"that bum should get out of our way"
by yer May 19, 2003
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Bringing up a topic or telling a story with a fake point with a true intent of showing off details included in the story.
"I had the worst night last night. I totally got a terrible headache because of how hard I was banging Pamela Anderson."
by Yer June 23, 2005
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A mysterious person full of bullshit.
"Dude, your talking of pure el kapal"
by Yer June 11, 2003
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small person who is basiclly weak and afraid
you little dilweed shit head
by yer February 09, 2006
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