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Ballbusting is a sexual fetish, a form of S&M (Sadism and masochism)preformed either solo or between consenting partners that can be either FM (Female + Male) or MM (Male + Male) partners whereas Partner A gets a rush of power by inflicting sexual pain on Partner B while at the same time Partner B greatly enjoys this sexual pain.

The S&M practice of Ballbusting is completely unrelated to any non-consenting sexual assaults/attacks, self-defense or other forced violent sexual acts.

Ballbusting can be perfectly safe when done between consenting mature people in a responsible manner. Great care must be given to make sure that ballbusting is done in a reasonable safe manner between very close trusting partners or friends.

Nevertheless, Medical Doctors have advised against this practice since it can lead to permanent injury, erectile dysfunction and infertility which will require immediate medical attention.
"Jack and Jill have a secret S&M lifestyle which includes ballbusting."

"Jack and Mark are close friends that enjoy ballbusting each other."
by XtremeViews September 20, 2006
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Some dirt poor kid's website where he sits in his garage making fun of the rest fo the world... other dirt poor kids in their own garages have helped in the creation of immature, rude, racist, grossly offensive, disturbing and rarely funny articles.
"Encyclopedia Dramatica is full of grammar and spelling errors and lies, it is equivalent to the education of a public school."
by XtremeViews August 28, 2006
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Simular to the word snobby meaning conceited. However someone who is snotty is also very crude and rude.
That McDonalds employee had such a snotty attitude.
by XtremeViews October 07, 2006
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1. A person who is snotty (stuck up/conceited).
2. A child with snot all over their face.

Word coined by the movie drop dead fred.
You are so stuck up you snotface!
by XtremeViews October 07, 2006
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A practitioner of ballbusting.
The ballbuster flung the whip at her clientele.
by XtremeViews October 05, 2006
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