Ballbusting: when a girl punishes a guy for touching her or staring at her body by hitting his sensitive balls as hard as she can.
Ballbusting: I made the mistake of staring at a girl’s cleavage last week. She punished me by kicking me in the balls as hard as she could. I fell to the floor and couldn’t move for an hour. It was painful to walk for a week from the constant ache in my balls.
by falafelballs November 3, 2021
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Ballbusting is a popular game for girls involving hitting guys in the balls as hard as possible to get the funniest male reactions.
Ballbusting has extra points for making a guy cry, beg or sing in soprano.
by ballsaremochi September 22, 2023
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The act of slapping, kicking, and punching a mans balls (nuts / testicles)

Often done male on male, in which one man busts another mans balls. It is arousing for the man being busted, knowing that the person doing it understands the pain he is inflicting, and vice versa.
I hooked up with a dude who was into ballbusting last night. He let me kick him in the balls until he came!

I walked in on Chris and Jake ballbusting yesterday…Chris was grabbing Jakes balls and beating them senseless!
by Bust More Balls November 26, 2022
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The act of getting kicked, kneed, and/or grabbed by the balls for excessive pain and pleasure.
No one does it better than Ashley when she ballbusts Mike...especially when he doesn't see it coming! ;)
by livin_in_paradise January 15, 2013
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Ballbusting is causing pain to the testicles of the male for enjoyment reasons rather than for self defence reasons. Women enjoy it for the power they feel when they can so easily drop a male to the floor in great agony. They also find it amusing to see them sqirming and groaning while holding their scrotums from such a minor blow. Males seem to enjoy their own vulnerability when it comes to a woman exploiting it. Most men become erect at the thought of a woman controlling them by their testicles. (women always aim for the testicles for self defence which is also a turn on for many)
Her fascination in ballbusting was her interest in the male weakness in his testicles and wanted to experience the feelings of power over a man much stronger than herself. She looked for any reason to kick a man in the balls.
by Dixie John April 1, 2006
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1) A female who gains power over a male by causing pain to his testicles (commonly "nuts"). Although it can include any kind of "nut" attack. The female most often employs her legs for the task, because of their relative proximity to the groin, and because the legs of a female have the needed stregnth to hurt a male without injuring him.
2) A female who humiliates, belittles, injures, chastises, dihabilitates, or otherwise causes distress to a man through non-physical means.
1) Guys ignore Amy's reputation as a ballbuster when they see her nice legs; at least until she kicks them in the nuts.

2) "That Amy is a real ballbuster; not only did she kick me in the nuts under the table, she used my weakened state to make me agree to her plan."
by Regginald July 22, 2005
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Kicking testicles is becoming a popular sport in schools where girls go and bust as many guys as possible
by Testicle Queen September 20, 2003
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