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That one road on MarioKart that is impossible to complete because people push you off, you fall in the holes, a blue turtle shell is thrown at you, and other stuff. You get last like every time, and there's always that one friend that likes it. That friend is an idiot. The only way you can actually progress is if you get a bullet bill because you're in last. That Lakitu guy always has to pick you up and depending on which version of MarioKart you are playing, he takes 3 coins away. He's a jerk. You were already in last and now he takes the coins that make you go faster, and he takes his time picking you up because he probably finds amusement in it. Lakitu has no friends. Also, it's that road where getting Star Power sucks. Now you're going TOO fast and you die. You always try to jump the holes with your mushroom. But you can't. Because your fellow competitors are massive jerks and make you fail. If you're playing Grand Prix, this is the road that will make sure you don't win. If you manage to succeed in first place, tweet it at me. @MiguelAnimates. I won't get any, though. Because you will fail. Like always.
Rainbow Road Sucks!
by Xion X May 21, 2017

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The best YouTuber to ever exist. An amazing person incapable of being competed against, simply because you will lose instantly. Her amazingness is so high that Thanos has to snap twice to even have a chance of irradicating her.
“Hey man, who’s your favorite YouTuber?”
“Uh, CypherDen, obviously.”
by Xion X July 10, 2018

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Adjective; a mix of the words doodoo and stupid. Used as a joking insult.
“Bro I lost all my money because I spent it on Fortnite.”
“Are you doodoopid?”
“Might be.”
by Xion X December 05, 2018

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The solution to overpopulation
There are 24 of you in this room. I can only handle twenty-three. Time for the hunger games!
by Xion X March 26, 2017

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