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1) Stranger; foreigner; alien

2) Strange; foreign; exotic; different

New Latin, from Greek, from Xenos, -Stranger

Feminine = Xena; Masculine = Xeno
Morgan: She suffers from Xenophobia.
Lavin: Xenophobia? What's that?
Morgan: Fear of Strangers.

((btw, I, Xenos, am a girl if your wondering. I just think Xena sounds kinda... well "fruity"? Xenos sounds better to me))
by Xenos September 26, 2003

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Some womens way of saying "It's over, see ya later!" or
A way a woman can state indirectly "Honey, you're really fucked if you don't listen to me now."

2) A woman's way of pleading, "Listen to me now or else I'm walking out the door" type statement. The need of complaining when has been "patient" in there mind of not saying something that's been bothering them for so long and finally can't take it anymore.

When women say "We Need To Talk" or a -Guy- could say that even, something serious has happened to his/her mind frame and can't hold it back any longer when they've been holding back from the start.
Or in other words, A -MAJOR- sign of Lack of Good Communication Skills between the couple which has hit a bump and one partner hasn't recognized the signs of it from the beginning that -may- cost the relationship. =S
"Baby, we need to talk. There's alot on my mind I need to say..."
by Xenos September 26, 2003

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The most common species of vampire found in Romania, known as a "Dead Vampire" as compared with the "living" variety, the Moroii. The strigoii (feminine strigoica) will consort with the moroii, who join the ranks of their undead cousins upon death. The ways of becoming a strigoii are traditionally numerous: suicide, witchcraft, crunubak activities, perjury, death at the hand of a vampire, being the seventh son, being born with a caul, having a cat jump over one's corpse, being stared at in the womb by a vampire, or dying unmarried with an unrequited love. Addtionally, the ropes used in burial must be placed near the body and should not fall into possession of practitioner of black magic who might use them to turn a relative into a vampire. A body that is transforming into a strigoii will have its left eye open and staring. The recommended preventives against such a change includes a sickle stabbed through the heart of the corpse and the sticking of nine spindles into the ground to pierce the creature as it rises. Wine also figures in creating a powerful shield against attack. The strigoii's distinguishing features include red hair, blue eyes, and the presense of two hearts.
The child is cursed! The child is cursed I tell you! The seventh son -AND- born with a caul! Terrible, treacherous child!
by Xenos September 26, 2003

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A Romanian name for a kind of vampire, specifically a live vampire, compared to the strigoii, or dead vampire. While strigoii is used by Romanians to refer to vampires of all types, moroii is considered a more appropriate term for the living variety. The moroii can be male or female. A male moroii is usually bald or balding; a female red in the face.
by Xenos September 26, 2003

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Ugly, disgusting, repulsive, vile, abhorrent.
Gah! That tastes minket! - Oh my life, that tastes disgusting!
by Xenos February 28, 2003

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