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One who is considering the vegetarian lifestyle, but has yet to make a committment to it.
No sausage on my half of the pizza; I'm vegi-curious.
by Xeenie March 28, 2007

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1. A situation where a response of "shit", or the poo emoji is most appropriate. 2. Apropos of poo.
Guy 1: I loved that Indian food last night but I had the runs all night.

Guy 2: Shit.

Guy 1: How apropoo.
by Xeenie September 12, 2014

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1. To exhale and sigh in the same breath.

2. A combination of exhaling and sighing.

It's Monday again, she exsighed.
by Xeenie September 18, 2006

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1. The urge to murder.

2. Murderous desire.
Everyday, Jeff resists the murger of his incompetent colleagues.
by Xeenie August 24, 2006

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When an established couple decides to separate at the seven-year mark.
Several of my friends divorced after 7 years. The seven-year ditch rule must be in effect.
by Xeenie February 15, 2009

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