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Some kid with emo hair that wears tight shirts and trendy jeans, he gets pissed easily and likes to wear scarffs.
by XXCrowZXX February 21, 2005
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A term used to describe a latino person that has a mullet.
"Hey Mulitino!" or "I hate eddi guerro's mullet, He should change his name to Mulitino"
by XXCrowZXX April 13, 2004
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A wierd sexual fetish were someone shits into a condom and the slaps it across the other participants face, causing the condom to break and covering there face with shit
"too bad for you, you lost the bet, so i'll go get the laxitive"
by XXCrowZXX April 13, 2004
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a trick that is done in the wonderful sport of bmx where the rider comes up to a kedge or rail, and hops up on it letting the sprocket rest on it while balancing and then hopping off.
"MAN, Did you see that sprocket stall? I nearly Shit my Pants!"
by XXCrowZXX April 17, 2004
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when a guy jacks off in a girls ass hole shooting his cum load in to her brown eye tube
" having good aim is essentail for shooting putty at the moon"
by XXCrowZXX April 24, 2004
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That bitch is being Wack it must be time for uncle joe to visit
by XXCrowZXX January 26, 2004
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