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Something you'd notice in almost every awesome phones you see in the media, such as the HTC and the iPhone.

Autocorrect is good, but sometimes, shit hits the fan whenever you text. Sometimes, you type in "bigg," then it autocorrects it into "bug." So, say that a man was gonna text his friend "I like bigg butts and I cannot lie!" When he sends it, it gets autocorrected and turns into "I like bug butts and I cannot lie!" Then there's some funny convo between the recipient and the sender.
In a text convo...

Micheal: god, so damn thirsty
Jenna: yesterday @ the mall u should've taken the $$$ i was gonna give u out my pussy
Jenna: oh shit, i meant purse
Micheal: LMAOOO
Jenna: damn you autocorrect
by XClausoX June 29, 2012

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Disney Channel used to be a very good channel before 2006. Later on, Hannah Montana started and destroyed the whole channel. It ended later somewhere in 2011. Somewhere in the late 2000's, a new show called Wizards of Waverly Place came. That show ended earlier in 2012. Somewhere in 2010, Shake it Up aired and that's when the channel started going downwards.

All they have on Disney Channel is their sluts acting like they care about their fans and the fans go like "OMG! DID YOU JUST HEAR ABOUT CECE JONES'S NEW SONG?!". Actually, this channel doesn't want to show that much commercials of other places. Instead, they mostly use THEIR commercials. All you see is commercials of their upcoming shows, their "This is Me" fillers, and their, um, shitty music videos. This channel has gotten so lazy, they aired a commercial having the year of 2010 in the middle of it. Their sitcoms, I mean decoms, are just movies that are made from the same sluts they use in their shows. Nearly every slut in the channel sings. Even their Shake it Up channels are horrible!! Girls are pretty much copying every single thing they do on Disney Channel. This channel is aimed towards 7-12 year old girls. If you're a boy and you're over 20, shame on YOU. The only reason I watch Disney Channel is because of Phineas and Ferb. That show is awesome.

The bad part is that this channel is filthy rich, so it will stay up for a pretty damn long time.
Girl 1: Yess!! Shake it Up is next on Disney Channel! *does some dance moves*
Me: Oh Lordy.
by XCLAUSOX May 14, 2012

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the most awkward day of the year

leap day is february 29th, and it only appears on leap years, every 4 years
Leap Day is bad for those born on that day.
by XClausoX June 29, 2012

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a very dangerous game where a revolver or six shooter is loaded with one or more bullets put into the chamber. the chamber is spun around and put into position with a snapping sound. men take turns hoping it falls on an empty chamber with the gun pointed to the head. if not... blood is everywhere
Man1: WOO! Russian Roulette day! I go first!
(Game starts)
Man1: Didn't die. Yeah buddy!
Man2: Same here, bro.
Man3: Oh God! My blood was curling!
Man4: Not dead! Woo!
Man5: *dies*
Man4,3,2, and 1: OH MY GODDD HOLY SHIT!!!
by XClausoX June 24, 2012

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